Here are some comments from people who've worked directly with me:

"Simon came to our organization as an Enterprise Agile Coach after our company had embarked on a SalesForce implementation. He took a group of internal and external people on mixed teams--and sometimes dispersed--and introduced us to Scrum. And, he did a tremendous job. 
He asked challenging questions, provided guidance, and worked with us to confront what at the time seemed like insurmountable obstacles. He coached, he trained, he mentored. 
While his main focus was improving the Scrum team's agility, he also worked on similar themes with our PMO, offering important guidance and direction.
Simon has the ability to move seamlessly from the team level to management to the executive level, all while keeping the big picture view of what is important. He was a true transformation catalyst and had a lasting effect on how we understand and organize our work."                 Thor Burnham, Project Manager Alberta Financial Services Corporation

"Simon is extremely knowledgeable about Agile methodologies and very approachable which make him a great coach for teams who are willing to be taught. Always speaking the truth in a poised manner he is also a great asset to help upper management understand the value of such methodology. I truly enjoyed working with him and would definitely recommend him."   Eric Laurent, IT Business Manager, Halliburton

“The creation of a new team comprised of a number of previously autonomous and geographically dispersed teams presented an unique challenge for us at Veer. Simon's ability to establish processes that work, hold people to their word, to educate and disseminate information to both his teams *and* stakeholders makes him an amazing asset to any organization fortunate enough to work with him. He's honest, direct, and dedicated - and his desire to balance "best work" with the business needs means that he has an uncanny ability to gain the respect of all that work with him. I would not hesitate to work with Simon again, and hope to do so soon.”
Issa Breibish, Founding Partner and Director, Worldwide Community, Veer

"Simon is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled Agile practitioner and coach. I've had the pleasure of seeing him on multiple occasions take cross-functional project teams characterized by low morale and inconsistent results, and turn them into fun, motivated and consistently successful teams of product development professionals."
Chris Carlson, VP Technology NETELLER Inc.

"Simon knows the principles of Agile methodologies inside out and much more importantly, knows what it takes to transform an organization to use it and succeed with it. It's a tireless, tenacious, and often thankless job that Simon tackles head-on."
Jaron Lambert, Sr. Project Manager NETELLER Inc.

“Simon took the Project Management helm for Teamplate/Captaris at a time of major integration and flux. This coupled with the resignation of the Teamplate Development Manager AND a new Product Manager. Simon took charge of everything he felt was disjointed, and through his leadership, has established a consistent and disciplined process for Product Development and Project Delivery.”
Ray Abello, Director Project Management Captaris Inc.

“Simon Orrell was excellent to work with. He is a very positive and motivated individual that takes pride in his work. He has a unique ability to win the respect of the team and is someone the entire team looks up to. He was able to champion our Agile development methodologies and mentor the team as our development methodologies matured. I would love to work with Simon again if given the opportunity.”
Kirk Slone, Software Development Manager Captaris Inc.