Accruing experience with business leaders and agile environments since 2004, I became one of three Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches in Canada in 2010 and have been working with individuals, teams, and leaders to help transform oil and gas, financial services, and construction businesses.   A background including P.Eng. and PMP accreditation also provides me with a pragmatic approach to product, team, and organizational development.  

My career in product development and project execution since 1996 has spanned a multitude of domains including: manufacturing simulation, digital voting systems, tele-health stations, transportation and warehouse logistics, CD/DVD e-commerce, business process workflow applications, financial transaction systems, and Oil and Gas applications. 

I specialize in the initiation and ongoing coaching of Leadership and Agile principles, values and techniques within organizations with an additional emphasis on Product and Portfolio management techniques for both co-located and distributed teams.

Very recently I've been working with EPCM teams building large natural gas processing plants using Scrum principles, values and techniques. See the summarized results of the program or download the whitepaper on this experience.

You can listen to an on-line coaching session here, hosted by the Scrum Alliance.

I've presented my views on work to my colleagues at: